Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Prevention of malaria and it's symptoms /मलेरिया के बारे में जानकारी और आप इससे अपना बचाव /क्या-है-जानकारी

   Prevention of malaria and it's symptoms........

Maleria treatment
Maleria prevention 

You should know the types of malaria , it's causes and it's symptoms because if you know the symptoms than you can cure by your self before it's become more serious. 

Symptoms of malaria.......

We found very important causes for malaria.  Followings are:-

  • If the person  is bitten by insects or mosquitoes .
  • Some times same injection needles and and unscreened blood.

Ayurvedic treatment for malaria ..

Take one teaspoon of Giloyee juice 3 times in a day. This will cure your most of the symptoms .

Homeopathic treatment for Malaria. 

Use Nuphur Lutea 6ch ( 2drops 3times in a day .Please decrease the dose if feeling well and good.) 

Following things do not use during the medicine periods.:-

  • No alcohol 
  • No tobacco. 
  • No raw onions. 
  • No sour food or drinks.
  • Please be patient and calm it tooks some more times to cure completely. 

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