Friday, February 22, 2019

how to stop my hair from falling out

Stop your hair from falling out. 

I will tell you some similar reason for falling hair. 

1. Sleeping late night one of the major reason for hair falling..... so tried to sleep complete 8hours.....

2. Bad digestive system is also may take you to the hair fall issues. So tried to maintain your digestive system fit and healthy.

3. Drinking water is also good source for minerals ...because healthy hair require lots of minerals to their roots. For making the hair roots strong...

4. You can add carrots juice to your healthy morning breakfast ...carrots contains lots of vitamins which is very good for your hair.... also it will help you to stop hair fall. 

5. You can do hair massage every night before sleep with amla hair oil ... this amla hair is effective for stop har from falling out.

6. Onion Juice can also reduce hair fall. So massage with onion juice to stop fall .it also help in making hair long...

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