Monday, December 3, 2018

Top best oil for our baby body parts and hair

Selective best oil for our babies hair and body parts ......

Best oil for baby massage
Top best oil for our baby body parts and hair

Here you will know which oil you can use for babies hair. Which oil you can use for your babies hair growth.. Which oil can help to makes strong and fit to your babies..

Mustard oil:-

My first choice mustard oil because my mom gives massage with mustard oil when I was baby . I got to know this from my mother. She said that :-
  • Mustard oil help for shining skin to the baby.
  • Mustard oil also help for growing hair to the baby. 
  • Mustard oil also help for making bones more strong for small small babies.
  • You can see in India most of the Indian women's prefer to use mustard oil for massage in winter season for their kids and babies.
  • Mustard oil price is also very high as compared to other baby oil because it is really an effective oil for baby.
  • Not even that, in villages rich people prefer to use mustard oil for cooking and dressing of salads...

Why we need to use oil for baby...

In small age the skin of the small baby and kids are very thin so for that reason our mother's prefer  used oil for massage .specially the mustard oil....this helps to makes skin thick.....because thin skin can not face all types of weather effects.

We have another best oil for our baby 

Almond oil, yes it is very true almond oil is very effective for small babies but it also can not denied that it is not affordable for every one. The price is higher than mustard oil..
Following reason:-
  • In ancient times, kings are used to prefer Almond milk for drink..
  • Almond milk promote growth.
  • Almond milk increase memory power.
  • Almond milk also help to shining skin tones.
  • Almond milk also help in anti-aging. 
  • If it is not affordable than you can use almond oil for hair and body massage for your baby. Though I am not saying that we can not afford at least for one day but we need to use this kind of method at least for two years because natural methods works after the long term hard work...
  • So choose those kind of treatment which you can do for long term .
  • Like middle class people used to prefer homeopathic medicine because the price is very low and any one can afford. 
  • No matter it works later but they can afford ,it is very important for them. 

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