Thursday, November 29, 2018

How to cure asthma by doing yoga , naturally and permanently

Here you will know the ways to curing Asthma naturally and some effective homeremedies and it's treatment...

Asthma treatment, medicine

Yoga for curing Asthma...

Permanent treatment for Asthma treatment...

Use Dr.Reckweg's R43 , 10drops with some water two times in a day.

Please avoid alcoho, tobacco and sour food and even also stopped using raw a salad .

Natural treatment for Asthma.....

Yes we can cure asthma by without using any kind of drugs and homeremedies  but it tooks some more times . 
You can see a baby needs to grow at least years by naturally so you need to understand that when we going to choose natural method for the treatment of asthma like dangerous diseases than you should be in patients. 
  • Do Anuloma and Vilom Pranayam very day for 20 minutes  in the morning.  If you do this in open area and green works fast and well.
  • You just have to inhale from one side of the nose by closing another side and than release the air from closing side of the nose but please hold the air for 2 seconds before release.
    Medicine for asthma
    Asthma treatment

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