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Treatment for fairness in 60 days

 Treatment for fairness in 6o days

Medicine for fairness
Treatment for fairness

Dark skin colour.

The colour of the skin of human beings is  from their birth . So if the gender is thinking that dark skin is very bad for them so they should know that it is rich in eumalanin pigments and it is light or dark black in colour. The medical science made many technical products to change the colour if the skin from black to white or complex.
For big example you can see Michael Jackson. When he was born .He was black in colour but after the lots of surgeries and medical treatment he was become white.

Thinking is very important for us when we play with nature. So asked the doctor about side effects of products and medicine before  used. You know how Michael Jackson who lost his life in very early age just because want look like white americans.

If you talking about fair skin than we can say it is occuring naturally. The skin contain little eumelanin pigmentation which has been adapted to the atmosphere and environment.  due to the miner uv-radiation. 

If you know that the light skin is commonly found in Europe and North East Asia. Humans light skin pigmentation have skin with low amount of eumalanin and possess fewer melanosomes than human with dark skin pigmentation. 

There is also some information you should keep in your mind that fair skin people whom staying in near by the areas of equator .  this equator area are highly risky  with high sunlight areas. This high sunlight rays damaging the the DNA , defecting in births and numerous types of cancers, especially  skin cancer.
Fair your skin

Most of the people has been migrated and it has been also increased the mobility of people between geographical region in recent centuries, now  light skinned population are found all over the world.

In India it is very easier for women become light skin because they are staying in inside the home. The rays of sunlight effects the skin less. This also indicate that the pigmentation of skin will absorb less sunlight rays.

Ayurvedic advice for shining and glowing skin.

  • Use lemon for cleaning and removing dirts from face.
  • Use alovera gel as a face cream. 
  • Use turmeric paste  for scrubbing  it gives glowing to your face.
  • Use Vico turmeric skin cream.

For homeopathic treatment :-

Use Sunny fairness cream two times in a day. For three month. Add in your daily life.

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