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We know which Medicine for white hair problems...

        White-hair-treatment /कम उम्र में सफेद हुए बालों को काला करने के  घरेलू नुस्खे

Medicine for white hair
White hair treatment 

Learn the home remedies to turn white hair into black. It's causes and it's prevents.

General Discussion..

Hair color is that the pigmentation of hair follicles because of 2 forms of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin. Generally, if a lot of eumelanin is gift, the colour of the hair is darker; if less eumelanin is gift, the hair is lighter.

 Levels of animal pigment will vary over time inflicting a human hair color to vary, and it's potential to own hair follicles of over one color on a similar person. explicit hair colours ar typically related to ethnic teams, whereas grey or white hair is related to age.

So let's get serious today we will talk about
Of whitening of hair at younger age.
I saw these problem from many friends
I never thought this will not so obvious for you people but these the real problem that we found in younger generation that their hair getting white at age of 20 to 30 years..


Hair growth happens once recent cells square measure pushed out by the hair follicles thanks to the assembly of latest cells. 
It happens in 3 stages—growth (anagen), surcease (catagen), and rest (telogen). throughout the remainder amount, your hair reaches its time period and falls out, and a replacement strand grows in its place. 
once your hair grows, it's injected with pigments that provides it color. With age, the quantity of pigment that's injected into every strand of hair gets reduced, that is why it turns grey and eventually white.
  • Side effects of shampoo. 
  • Medicine reaction. 
  • Changing of hormones. 
  • Changes of drinking water.
  • Alcohol. 
  • Hair oil effects .
  • Using hair colour products. 
  • Using different kinds of medicine also effect your whole cells and each part of the body.
  • Less sleep

Symptoms of white hair treatment 

  • Thinning of hair.
  • Falling of hair.
  • Light baldness in front or back area of the scalp.

Onion juice...

Onion juice is one of the best way to cure white hair.... you just have to make an paste of onion juice  and than strain through musclin clothes to get onion juice .... than use this juice twice in a weeks ...on your hair....

Mustard oil....

Yes it is very true if you used mustard oil on your hair than it will effect in a positive way to cure your white hair....

Coconut oil....

You can also use coconut hair oil for curing white is one of the best way to managed your white hair....

Fenugreek water....

If you drink fenugreek water in a empty stomach than you can also cure your white just two or three months..

Sage water ....

Yes it is tested by many users that sage water help to cure white hair. ....
You just boil Sage leaves with 1glass of water in a saucepan than fill this water in a spray bottle. .than sapry on your hair this water ...massage it....than washed it with your favourate shampoo....

Sesame oil....

You can use sesame oil for massaging your hair before use conditioner ....this will also help you to cure white hair. ..

Treatment for white hair. 

Whether or not hair graying may be reversed to assist white hair flip black is essentially smitten by the reason behind the graying. If biological science area unit accountable, there's not a lot of one will do to reverse the amendment.

If the cause is Associate in Nursing underlying pathological state, consulting a doctor to examine what may be done is that the best course of action. Once the matter is treated, it should facilitate restore pigment to your hair. However, this can't be warranted.

Re-pigmentation is typically doable once secretion medical aid treatment. in a different way to push pigmentation is by taking shots or pills of nutriment B-12.

  • Thuja occidentalis 200.(2drops with water one time in the morning)
  • Acid phos 2oo ( 2times in a day 2drops.)
  • Acid phos Q ( 20drops with some water , 3times in a day.)
  • Please do not use following things given below.
  • Alcohol. 
  • Tobacco. 
  • Raw onion. 
  • Sour food and vegetables. 

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