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Treatment for ulcer in mouth and its symptoms

   Treatment for ulcer and its symptoms.......

Medicine for ulcer in mouth
Treatment for ulcer 

Reason of ulcer.

Oh there is no serious symptoms for this small or we called baby disease which happens usually reaction of food .

Mouth ulcers area unit typically spherical or oval sores that ordinarily seem within the mouth on the:

  • cheeks
  • lips
  • tongue
  • They can be white, red, yellow or gray in color and swollen.

It's potential to possess quite one mouth ulceration at a time and that they could unfold or grow.

Mouth ulcers should not be confused with cold sores, that area unit little blisters that develop on the lips or round the mouth. Cold sores typically begin with a tingling, haptic sensation or burning sensation around your mouth.


Mouth ulcers don't seem to be contagious. the precise reason behind oral ulcers isn't noted, however there ar many factors that ar suspected of causative to their look.

Trauma or Tissue injury: Damage to the mouth lining is common. injury from vigorous brushing, odontology braces, ill-fitting dentures or biting the within of your mouth will cause a mouth lesion to make.
Infections: microorganism, infective agent or fungous infections might cause mouth ulcers.

Stress connected Mouth Ulcers, Aphthous Ulcers: most typical in teens, stress-related mouth ulcers can heal inside a handful of weeks. interference is by partitioning stress-related issues or exploitation stress-busting relaxation methods. secretion changes and hypersensitive reactions may additionally  cause mouth ulcers.

(Foods and Drinks:) Mouth ulcers is also triggered by acids in bound foods, as well as oranges, lemons, pineapples, strawberries, tomatoes, and others.

(Toothpaste or Oral Rinses: )Pastes or rinses that contain metal lauryl sulphate might contribute to the looks of mouth ulcers.
Vitamin Deficiencies: A deficiency of vitamins like B-12, iron, folic acid or atomic number 30 might even be a reason behind mouth ulcers.

(Quitting Smoking:) now once quitting smoking you will get mouth ulcers. this can be sometimes temporary.

You can't invariably forestall mouth ulcers
Most single mouth ulcers ar caused by stuff you will try and avoid, such as:

(biting the within of your cheek.)

(badly fitting dentures, braces, rough fillings or a pointy tooth.)
(cuts or burns whereas ingestion or drinking – as an example, arduous food or hot drinks.)

(a food intolerance or allergic reaction
damaging your gums with a toothbrush or irritating dentifrice.)

(feeling tired, stressed or anxious.)

Sometime they are triggered by stuff you cannot invariably management, for example:

(hormonal changes – like throughout physiological condition
your genes – some families get mouth ulcers a lot of typically.)

(a semipermanent condition – like inflammatory internal organ unwellness (IBD), cavum unwellness or Beh├žet's unwellness.)

(a B-complex vitamin or iron deficiency
medications – together with some NSAIDs, beta-blockers or nicorandil
stopping smoking – folks could develop mouth ulcers once they 1st stop smoking.)

Tips for curing mouth ulcers:-

Most mouth ulcers need no treatment and heal on their own inside one to 2 weeks. wherever there's a lucid cause, managing the cause can set the healing method in motion. For example:

Address any supply of injury to the membrane membrane: get broken teeth, rough surfaces or ill-fitting dentures mounted.

Use a soft toothbrush to minimise more injury and replace it frequently.
Avoid any foods that you simply apprehend cause the matter.

Choose softer foods that area unit less seemingly to irritate associate lesion.

Visit your doctor to analyze underlying conditions like herpes, shingles or associate enteric disorder.

Until the lesion heals, symptoms are often treated using:

Warm salt water mouth washes.


Antimicrobial mouthwashes (these fight the bacterium, viruses and fungi which will cause infection if you're ineffective to brush your teeth properly.

Local anaesthetic treatments within the sort of a solution, spray, gel or ointment (some of those aren't appropriate for youngsters, thus get recommendation from your pharmacist.

Acyclovir, if the lesion is caused by a herpes (cold sore, chicken pox or shingles)
corticosteroids (pharmacist only).
  • It happens usually when the digestive system is not well and good condition.
  • Allergy..
  • Invalidate food for eating.
  • Invalidate glass of water use for drinking.
  • Low immunity. 
  • Some times temperature also effect us.
  • Tasting food.

Ayurvedic treatment for ulcer in mouth.

  • Do kapalbhati every day in empty stomach for 20 minutes .
  • Drinks atleast 2 litre water in a day.
  • Stop using meat , eggs and fish.
  • Try to eat spicy food .it helps to kills germs.
  • Kapalbhati makes kidney fit and fine.
  • Kapalbhati makes liver strong.
  • Kapalbhati help to maintain digestive system.
You can do Bhujangasana to maintain your digestive system .

  • It will help in Constipation .
  • Remove fat from belly.
  • Help in kidney system .
  • Sharp liver.

Some Homeopathic medicine that will help to remove this ulcer from mouth. 


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