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How to cure liver/लिवर खराब (फेल) होने के लक्षण, कारण, इलाज, दवा, उपचार और

                    Liver treatment 

Liver failure treatment
Cure liver

 Brief Liver.

It is located in our stomach .where it is found on the top of the stomach and down of the also describe the status of health because it helps to digest the food.
When the digestive system does not work well than the body could absorb the vitamins,minerals,iodine etc. From the food which we use for eat.

Strong reason for damaging liver.

  • Oily food.
  • Smoking.
  • Alcohol.
  • Tobacco.
  • Junk food.
  • Tea and coffee excessive use.
  • Unpurified water.
  • Parental issues. 

Personal cure for liver.

  • Make healthy diet chart.
  • Use low calories product.
  • Use less oily food to eat.
  • Use minimum fat product.
  • Drink clean and mineral water.

Drugs effect

Some time high dosage of medicine ,drugs,injection and electronic treatment will also effects on liver but it is usually happen during the patient is in serious condition because that time high dosage is required. 

Stop consumption most processed crap
You're most likely within the clear from unwellness} disease if you are not overweight, right? Not precisely. there is a growing population of individuals United Nations agency ar experiencing liver disease albeit they are at a wonderfully traditional weight. this can be thanks to a dangerous combination of poor genetic science and a diet made in processed foods and sweet drinks.

"We're seeing {people United Nations agency|people that|folks that|those that|those who} don't seem to be overweight who have fat deposition within the liver, most likely thanks to, strictly thanks to diet," Dr. Olsen says. "They're depositing fat preferentially in their liver before they need what we tend to decision peripheral fleshiness, or fat deposition in their tissue." essentially, your liver gets fat before YOU get fat.

If consumption a poor diet will contribute to liver disease, then consumption a healthy one can provide your liver a chance and facilitate heal it. Limit the number of processed foods you are consumption, and instead specialise in recent turn out, lean meat, and limit your fat and easy saccharide (like sugar, duh) intake. And in fact, a cleaned-up diet may facilitate folks slim down, that itself will facilitate a liver disease.

Move your butt around a lot of typically
Perhaps the most important key to healing liver disease is a rise in exercise. though this could even be drained addition to all or any the opposite common sense fashion changes (eating higher, limiting alcohol intake, etc.), understanding has the distinctive property of reducing the number of carbohydrates keep within the liver, and casting off a number of the fat.

"[Exercise] won't solely facilitate reverse the injury that you just have, however can facilitate take away fat from the liver, and eliminate a kind of current insult to your liver," Dr. Olsen says.

And you do not got to begin coaching for a marathon or become one among those annoying athletic facility rats either; obtaining your vital sign up for a sustained quantity of your time, many days every week, ought to live up to. "If you're not doing abundantly exercise, then even doing twenty minutes thrice every week is helpful," Dr. Olsen says. "Focus on sweat to the purpose that it'd be troublesome to hold on a speech. you do not have to be compelled to be a part of a gym; you'll do that on your own."

Take a chance from the booze
You knew this was returning. Frequent alcohol consumption will the foremost injury to your liver. And it does not even have to be compelled to be a 10-drinks-a-night situation; albeit you simply drink once every week, however binge drink (categorized as over four drinks in one sitting), that would cause liver disease. which will sound alarming, however it should not be a tangle if it is not an everyday habit.

"The liver includes a outstanding capability to regenerate," Dr. Olsen says. "If you permit your body a chance between insults to the liver, which means not drinking all the time or limiting the number you drink, you may recover up to a definite purpose."

If the liver is admittedly scarred, however, it loses the flexibility to regenerate. the sole thanks to reverse injury from alcohol-induced scarring is to utterly abstain from alcohol. If that arrange of attack simply is not within the cards for you, it is best to not get your liver thereto purpose within the 1st place.

On average, she says 2 to a few drinks some nights every week could be a safe quantity, presumptuous there are no different unhealthy liver offenders (genetics, poor diet, etc.). however if you are feeling like you have been striking the bottle pretty heavily of late, then it is best to present your liver a chance from the booze, and continue solely some drinks every week.

Not to do's during damage condition of liver.

  • Gyming 
  • Running
  • Skipping 
  • Having food outside like hotels,restaurant and small snack centres. 
  • Coldrinks.
  • Tea 
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Sweets

Ayurvedic treatment for damage liver.

Do kapalbhati every day in your daily life this will help you in different problems. 
This exercise is not only cure your liver also it will cure your kidney and digestive system also.

Use Patanjali liver D-38 for following symptoms:-

  • Please follow with doctor advice.
  • Fatty liver.
  • Jaundice.
  • Typhoid.
  • To make liver healthy.
  • Good for kids .
  • For increasing hunger level.
  • For liver infection. 

Homeopathic treatment for liver.

Medicine for fatty liver
Treatment for liver cure
Kaalmegh mother tincher 
Dosage:- 10 Drops with half cup of water.

Use kaalmegh mother tincher  for followings:-
  • Please follow with doctor advice.
  • Cold fever
  • Constipation 
  • Jaundice 
  • Typhoid 
  • Fat in liver areas.
  • Pain in liver.
  • Food digestion. 

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