Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Height increasing medicine in homeopathy /लम्बाई बढ़ाने के लिए दवा

         Height increase medicine

Lambai badane ki dawa

Learn how height can increase after 20+, how ayurvedic medicine  can increase height .learn different ways to increase height.

Why height is very important  for us ??

Yes it is not very important  for us if our attitude is nice acceptable for society. Than I think you can go with minimum height.yes some how it will affect in your daily life.some how sometime situation  will not be acceptable  according to height because if any clashes happen between you and some other person and he might be much taller than you. Might be that day will be troubling day for you.

Marriage proposal rejection

Yes if you search on the net and even in our society than many time we can found that  the those boys and girls who got marriage proposal rejection for their personality .

You need good height to fulfill your dream job

Yes height is also effect in our career  like if we want to become an army officer,police man,actor or model or even to grab more attention in office job than height plays an important achieve our dream.


Yes you will going to feel bad if you found your self That only you are that person who have not same that times atmosphere makes you feel weak in mentally.
Lambai kaise badae

Reason for less or miner height...

  • One of the typical common things found for short stature is delay of growth of the body or family short stature.
  • Many times we found the result of that the lack of growth hormones .
  • Doctors always says that you need sleep at least 8 hours to 1o hours .it will give complete rest to the whole body function.
  • If the male or female person is not doing stretching exercises from the age of 7 to 18 years age than it will not help to get average height. 
  • When the kids are birth in the hospital than there is certain responsibilities also goes to the doctor as a human being. They should tell the details of kids body structure to the parents because it is not showing that if the parents can do signature of their names that means they are educated.
  • Parents should be more aware about their children growth not only the education side  but also from the physical point of view.
  • If kids are not doing hanging exercise from the the age of 7 to 13 than do not expect  good heights. 

Medicine to increase height

Therapycarb 30 ch this is an homeopathy medicine for gaining  height  you can start using from the age 13 to 18 if you found your self your height not getting  increase. 

Use as daily basis 2 drops three times a day.
Also use thuja occidental  200 one time in the night before sleep 2 drops.
Also add kaliphos 200 three times In a day .2drops each time.
Add righ height tablets .2 tablet 3times in a day.

Swimming help to gain perfect height.

If your age is not more than 8years old than you should start swimming if you dreaming for good height .you can see all swimmers are quite more than 5.10inches.

Stretches yoga to increase  height

Tadasana yoga.
Snake pose yoga.

But don't expect if you do all these than you become 6feet tall. Because in India normally 90 percent people  under 5"8inch.
And many people are crying for become this inches tall.
Also genetic  effect will also show your growth.

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