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Best skin lightening products for men and women

Fairness cream/रंग गोरा करने वाली क्रीम

Fairness Treatment
Fairness cream for men and women

Does fair gives good looks.?

See there is lots of things that makes your personality good and attractive. It is related to your colour of the skin but if you have good height , good face shape and nice body than this fair looks might be not important. 
There is lots of product in the market which gives you fair looks but for short time.
In America an Italian porn star has joined porn film industry because no men wants to be her partner even her husband did not prefer to go with her any where. But later on she did lots of hardwork on her whole body and whole personality and after that her ex-husband want to connect with her again but she refused .so follow her theory make your self looks sexy and hot but do not choose wrong way and destroy your self as the porn star did because of jealousy and anger . at the end she lost her respect in our society. 

Why people looks white and black ?

In America you can see most of the people looks white but if you go to South Africa
There you will see most of the people's are completely Dark Skin. It is because of weather and temperature

Why in India fairness product are very popular?

If you asked most of the Indian women they will like to marry fair and tall people.
It does not mean that they did not prefer to marry dark skin. If the person whether gents or ladies are in true love .I don't think so any such kind of reason is very important for these situation make yourself more curvy and attractive.

  • You can follow homeremedies for shining and glowing skin.

  • Like- alovera gel it is very effective gel for glowing skin and removing dirts from your skin.

  • lemon is also helpful for fighting with pimples and marks.also help you to clean your skin .

  • You can also use turmeric paste for glowing will also help you in reducing hair gtow in your skin area. You can also add vicoturmeric cream for glowing skin.
Many of our relatives used to prefer  fresh alovera for glowing skin. They thought it also helps in making hairs strong and shining....
I personally recommend please use alovera gel only for glowing skin.....because it is medically approved for glowing and fair skin....

If you visit any beauty parlour . You will find alovera face massage on their menu .

If you asked us that why alovera is so famous in all over world than my answer will be that , is no side effects found during the using of alovera....gel....
If today ayurvedic is famous than my words will also goes to alovera because I think alovera plays an important for famousing ayurvedic treatment....

Well one of the best homeopathic medicine detail which really help you. One thing always keep in your mind that homeopathic medicine works slowly slowly. 

Bakson's homeopathic medicine SUNNY FAIRNESS CREAM .
You should use this cream two times in a day. For fast result.
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