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Foot corn treatment home remedy

Medicine for feet corn, symptoms, sign, causes and it's treatment /फुट कॉर्न (गोखरू) के लक्षण, कारण, इलाज, दवा 

Feet corn treatment
Feet corn treatment

Discuss about  how to solve this body infection. 

Discuss about corn.

You should know every thing .let start from the root mean while I want to say that if your body are not connected to that area where blood are not reaching or not dissolve blood it means that your blood circulation are not working is  distinctively shaped in callus of dead skin that usually happens on thin glabrous skin surfaces of toes and occurs sometime on the thicket skin of the palms and bottom of the feet .

Ayurvedic treatment 

We will start with ayurvedic therapy.
Do Anulom Vilom pranayam every day
At least for 10 minutes a day.If you do not prefer to do 
You can do Shirsasana yoga for 1 minute a day.
Try to always maintain cleanness in your 
whole body .You will found lots of good body washer in that medical store for
Maintainingthat..Third use gloves,cover shoes .
For precaution from Skin infection.

What is Calus?

Basically those part of skin  which are not connected to the blood circulation 
And slowly slowly taking a shape like 
Piece of corn ( vegetable)Because it is hard on the upper side and soft  inside area of that part.
On that situation we
Give a name is "Corn"
So for homeopathic solution 
First is

Thuja 200 ,2 drops in the morning

Antium Crude 200,2drops in the afternoon

Petroleum 200,2 drops in. Night

You can also used Topi Thuja cream for
External use only
Fore corn and warts external use only

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